All new members, as part of the registration process, will need to audition with the Artistic Director.  The audition assesses music reading skills and pitch recognition and also includes a short interview.  Existing chorale members, returning after an absence for whatever reason, should expect to re-audition as part of the registration process unless the requirement is waived by the Artistic Director.

You do not need to prepare anything specific for the audition/vocal screening. This process is designed to assess your vocal skills and a positive and affirming way. During your time with the Artistic Director, expect the following:

1. General warmup to assess tone, timbre, and vocal weight

2. Check of range (high and low) and vocal agility

3. Singing a well-known song (Amazing Grace, The Star Spangled Banner, or My Country ’Tis of Thee) in a comfortable key of your choosing.

3. Tonal memory (repeating short musical patterns played on the piano)

4. Sight reading a short line of music (on neutral syllables, solf├Ęge, numbers, etc.)


Registration Fee Per Semester: $65
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